Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Outdoor Garland installing christmas lights

Prepare yourself for the Season of Lights! Usually right after Thanksgiving is when the Christmas lights start to go up on homes and people start competing with their neighbors for the best Christmas display on the block!

So let’s start with lighting. We prefer plain white with splashes of color. I think it looks classic and elegant. It’s easy enough now a days to find the strings of plain white lights that you can trim your home with, instead let’s focus on the splashes of color.

Outdoor Garland is a gorgeous way to highlight the entrance to your home. This festive Christmas garland is pre-wrapped with 2″ teardrop lights that you can instantly transform into sleek, clear mini-lights by removing the covers. Looks really lovely and feel free to drape it over you staircase or hung over your fireplace is always stunning

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Wenni Donna said...

Glad to know about these Christmas lights. Couple of months ago, I arranged a brunch party with my family at an excellent Chicago event space. Decorated venue with beautiful flowers and ornaments and venue was looking astonishing. We had great time there.